Eucommia Bark Concentrated Powder

Eucommia Bark Concentrated Powder

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Eucommia is also known as 'The Warrior Herb' as named by the Samurai who used this herb daily for strength, lumbar and recovery.

Eucommia bark is a major tonic herb that comes from a small tree native to China, often called the "Chinese rubber tree" because of its latex-bearing qualities. The bark of the tree has been used for many centuries as a decocted tea preparation for its apparent profound effects on increasing the overall strength of the skeletal structure.

A popular herb among athletes, Eucommia is known to help improve flexibility and physical energy. It can be used to help fortify the bones, ligaments and tendons and is especially reinforcing to the knees, ankles and back, particularly the lumbar lower spine region. Although the bark is an energizing substance, it is not a stimulant, but can work as an adaptogen to both activate circulation as well as calm the nerves if needed. 

It can also be known to help with liver health, overcoming stress, improving athletic performance, back pain, blood pressure, sexual health, and strengthening the immune system.