Foti (He Shou Wu)

Foti (He Shou Wu)

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    He Shou Wu is a popular herbal remedy, common in traditional Chinese medicine.

    It’s used to treat a variety of ailments and has been linked to a number of health benefits, such as healthy aging, longevity, and virility.


    • Hair Loss & Colour - You can use He Shou Wu in the treatment of hair loss and to prevent premature greying. Its positive effects come from improving the health of internal organs like kidney and liver. The health of the kidney and liver play a major role in the growth and colouring of hair.
    • Liver & Kidney Health - He Shou Wu benefits the health of your kidney and liver and supports the function of these internal organs. This helps keep your blood healthy and is critical to expelling the toxins and free radicals that attack your body every day.
    • Reproductive Tonic - He Shou Wu is a popular reproductive tonic. It nourishes the reproductive system and increases fertility and sexual vitality. By controlling and balancing hormone production, He Shou Wu keeps your reproductive system strong and full of youthful energy. In later life, it is often used by women as an easy remedy for menopausal and menstrual symptoms.
    • Help With Constipation - He Shou Wu contains a substance called emodin that is a stool softener. If your experiencing constipation, a highly increased dose of Foti can help clear you out.
    • Detox - He Shou Wu has a powerful antibacterial effect; it helps remove toxins from your body by cleansing the kidneys, liver and urinary tract.
    • Immune Booster - He Shou Wu boosts your immune system by increasing red blood cell production in your body. The substance emodin stimulates the immune system. Specifically, it is effective for people suffering from autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Psoriatic Arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Arthritis (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis).
    • Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure - He Shou Wu is an extremely effective tonic when it comes to balancing your blood pressure. It reduces triglyceride and cholesterol levels naturally. It’s also used by alternative health practitioners and herbalists to prevent atherosclerosis, stroke and many forms heart disease by maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    • Help With Healthy Menstrual Cycle - He Shou Wu helps in healthy menstrual flow in women by reducing excessive bleeding.

    Botanical Name : Polygonum Multiflorum Thunb

    Country Of Origin : China