Ginseng Radix (Ren Shen)

Ginseng Radix (Ren Shen)

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Ginseng Radix (Ren Shen) 

Medicinally this tonic is known for its incredible power to build fitness, prevent fatigue, prolong life, regulate blood sugar level, soothe the nerves, enhance immunity, and more. We offer a clean top grade quality herb at least 7 years old before cultivation.

Health Benefits may include:

  • Multiple sclerosis-related fatigue.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Sexual arousal.
  • Alzheimer's disease.
  • Lung disease called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Mental function. Taking Panax ginseng by mouth might improve abstract thinking, mental arithmetic skills, and reaction times in healthy, middle-aged people
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED
  • Enhance immune function
  • Reduce blood sugars
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-diuretic and anti-tumor

How to take:

A quarter teaspoon as required

May be added to infusion or smoothie