Shilajit Raw Powder

Shilajit Raw Powder

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Our Shilajit is of the best quality and raw.

Shilajit is an amazing substance which forms over centuries in the rocks primarily of the Himalayas. It is formed from the decomposition of plants.

Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, this substance, also known as "the destroyer of weakness" is packed with combination of organic trace minerals, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, carbon-60, plant-based antioxidants and many more beneficial organic acids it is truly a wonder substance to assist with health and wellness.

Taking a closer look here is are a few of the trace minerals, amino acids and other active ingredients that form a delicate balance in raw Shilajit.


Manganese - known to promote cholesterol balance, boost energy, discourage free radicals, supports bone health and possibly regulates healthy blood pressure. It also promotes optimal growth and development.

Potassium - helps maintain blood pressure and regulate stress, boosts optimal kidney function, maintains bone vitality as well as promotes stable blood sugar levels, heart health, known to have positive effect on all our cells and support their function.

Calcium - helps to regulate cellular fluids, support bone and heart health, skin and muscle tone, nutrient transportation around the body, balanced weight distribution and overall vitality.

Magnesium - essential to the health and well-being of every cell in the body, relaxation of muscles, maintain blood sugar levels, boost cognition, support muscle tone, discourage migraines, support a healthy heart and much more.

 Zinc - vital for overall health and wellbeing, supports wound healing, enhanced immune function, increased energy levels, better metabolism, optimal sexual function, healthy cholesterol production, facilitates heavy metal removal and discourages free radical damage. 

Iron - assists with energy levels helping oxygen and electron transportation in the body, supports anaemia and/or blood loss.

Silicon - known to improve skin, hair and nail growth through promoting collagen synthesis. It may also potentially discourages toxicity, helps boost immune function, strengthen bones and maintain arterial health.

Molybdenum -  supports overall cell function due to its essential role in enzyme production, helps support energy production and detoxification.

Silver - known for its potent antimicrobial effects and has long been used to disinfect wounds, burns and infections.

Strontium - supports strong bones and reduce the risk of fractures

Copper - supports energy levels, a healthy heart and brain, as well as enhance growth of all tissues including hair, skin and nails, known to discourage free radicals

Gold - support immune function and discourage bodily stiffness, swelling and regulate cellular lifespan

other minerals include cobalt, titanium, gallium, vanadium, nickel, sodium, chromium, strontium

Amino Acids:

Valine - known to boost energy levels, build muscles, enhance cognition, discourage stress, boost mood, maintain a healthy lifespan and support the livers defences, promote speedier wound healing, growth and recovery time. 

Alanine - boosts energy, regulates cholesterol, promotes endurance, speeds metabolism and enhances cognition especially after strenuous exercise

Tyrosine - helps to create thyroid hormones, melanin as well as maintaining balanced stress levels, boosting overall body function and skin defence. Other benefits include supporting healthy pain intensity, a happy mood, better cognition and stable blood pressure

Arginine - helps to maintain stable blood pressure, speed recovery time, encourages ammonia removal, supports fertility, enhances growth, supports insulin action, encourages a healthy weight and muscle tone. It promotes the health of the liver, heart, kidneys, gut, brain and reproductive organs

Threonine - promotes organ growth and strengthens the immune system. It's benefits include maintaining brain function, discouraging weight gain, anxiety and gut discomfort, uplifting mood and enhancing coordination

Serine - enhances brain function, growth of all cells, wound healing, immune function and overall cellular function. It can also boost energy levels, potentially promotes healthy weight distribution, supports a calm immune system and enhances cellular defences

Cysteine - boosts energy, has antioxidant properties, supports immunity, is required for metabolism, boosts hormone production, speeds wound healing and tissue growth. It also enhances the effects of silver, zinc and other amino acids, as well as promotes healthy skin and muscle tone through supporting collagen synthesis

Glutamic Acid - In balanced amounts, Glutamic Acid acts as a neurotransmitter and enhances cognition, memory and neuroplasticity. It aids potassium transport, supports a calmer immune system and maintains blood pressure. Certain forms of glutamic acid may regulate a cell’s lifecycle

Proline - helps keep skin, joints, muscles and tendons healthy by facilitating collagen and cartilage synthesis. Other benefits include enhanced immune function, antioxidant protection, enhanced metabolism of nutrients (due to producing other amino acids), increased energy levels, fast wound healing and improved growth

Lysine - speeds up wound healing and recovery time, boosts the immunes response, and discourages stress and anxiety

Leucine -  improves overall health and is found in all cells of living organisms everywhere. Benefits include quick wound healing, enhanced growth and muscle building, discouraged stress levels, heightened energy levels, enhanced motor control, easier weight loss (when exercising), improved fat metabolism, promotes insulin release and stable blood sugar levels
Glycine - multiple health benefits including higher energy levels, immune support, promoting cellular defences discouraging stiffness and free radical activity, enhancing growth, speeding up wound healing and supporting heart health.
Other known Ingredients: 
Humic Acids - these have have multiple benefits including immune support, speeding up wound healing, improving gut health and decreasing free radical release. These acids also chelate heavy metals, rendering them inert while supporting their elimination
Fulvic Acids -  these numerous benefits including enhancing nutrient absorption, supporting detox, boosting immune function and rebalancing cellular fluids as an electrolyte would. It also improves gut health by allowing probiotic bacteria to flourish at the right PH environment
Carbon-60 - many benefits such as immune support, powerful free radical scavenging and greatly elevated energy levels. Although not known to have been studied on humans,  studies on rats lengthened their lifespan by up to 90%
Fatty Acids - have a large variety of benefits for the body, being needed for cell growth, metabolism and more. Specifically our nervous system benefits from fatty acids, as each neuron is protected by a thick layer of fat that helps the cell to function. Fatty acids also give us more energy
The combination and balance of the natural ingredients listed above provide fantastic support to:
  • Regeneration of wounds, bruises, burns and skin vitality
  • Enhanced recovery from muscle and bone trauma and damage, fractures and joint dislocations
  • Immune function and body cleansing
  • Combat fatigue, stress and anxiety
  • Digestive health, ulcer repair and bowl disorders 
  • Longevity and rejuvenation of cells 
  • Mood improvement, mental and cognitive concentration and drive
  • Enhanced libido, male fertility, testosterone, androgen and pregnenolone 
  • Cancer treatment
  • Detoxication of the body 
  • Physical performance and energy levels and post work (energetic) recovery

 How to use:

Taken in small amounts either mixed with water or with other enhancement herbs as a tonic or in a smoothie or food. speak to your doctor, nutritionist or practitioner who will assist.

Do not take if you are pregnant.

If you are suffering from a chronic health condition speak to your doctor.

Also do not take if:

  • High iron in the blood
  • Serious heart / high blood pressure issue
  • Virus infections
  • Chronic allergies
  • Sinusitis, rhinitis or runny nose
  • Chronic sleep deprivation

Shilajit is not recommended for babies or toddlers (younger than 3 yrs)