Rooibos (Red Bush) Tea (Bio)

Rooibos (Red Bush) Tea (Bio)

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Bio (Organic) Rooibos or Red Bush harvested from South Africa.

Technically a tea - although it can be drunk as one, its not from the tea plant so is herbal.

Naturally caffeine free this loose leaf provides a rich, full-bodied infusion with tangy and sweet taste

Packed with vitamins and minerals  this delicious herbal infusion makes an ideal daytime drink

It is full of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium all of which help build strong teeth and bones and skin, a great tasting infusion.

Directions for Use:

Allow 1 tea spoon of the leaf to infuse with boiling water and enjoy.

a serving suggestion is to add a drop of nut milk, slice of lemon or enjoy on its own.