Good Living Nutrition are a family owned Nutrition, Supplement and Sport shop based in the North of England. Our mission as fully qualified and accredited Nutritionists is offering assistance for all things health and wellness using a complete range of clean superfoods, herbs, supplements and health products available in our online store.
About Me  


Good Living Founder and Nutritionist

I am an optimistic individual who cherishes the richness of life and appreciating its offerings, after many years of feeling quite the opposite. My unconventional journey began when I left school at 14 with zero qualifications and began making money through a paper round, I navigated various jobs, eventually establishing a window cleaning business that I sold to fund my European travels at 20.

While abroad, I felt a calling to return to education, and since then, my love for learning has never waned. I had quite the way to go, but I eventually qualified as a Chartered Commercial Property Surveyor in 1996 (at age 29!) and have been self-employed in the field since 2001.

Over a decade ago, a personal crisis reshaped my life, leading me to a new purpose. My life has had more than its fair share of ups and downs, but because of this, I am now dedicated to serving those in need. I found myself in desperate need for a lifestyle change, and in doing so, my eyes were opened, and I found my passion for nutrition, health and wellbeing.

I have spent many years educating myself and exploring and expanding my knowledge of health and nutrition, but I find my most valuable asset to you is my experience. I have been in a position where I was in very deep pain about my weight, health and life. My self-esteem was very low, and I was feeling very self-conscious and unpleasant about myself and my lifestyle.

This is the journey that has led me to where I am today— a fully qualified Nutritionist. I share with you a plethora of clean superfoods, herbs, supplements, and health products on our online store, all of which are tried and tested by myself and my family. I also offer 1-1 consultations and coaching, to help you achieve your wellness goals, and to give me the opportunity to share my knowledge with you. Health and wellness are now two of my biggest joys in life, and I can help you find that joy too.

Welcome to Good Living Nutrition.