1 to 1 Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultations & Coaching

1 to 1 Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultations & Coaching

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For people wanting change and to improve lifestyle, we can help with this through consultation and coaching sessions.

Changing a lifestyle or eradication of an illness or disease is usually not instantaneous or something that takes a couple of weeks, it’s continuous progression for the rest of your life.

If you decide to act and armed with the correct knowledge it is very rewarding investment both in yourself which in turn will infiltrate your family and friends. 

The number of consultations will depend upon how much change is required. Consultation and coaching sessions can be purchased on a pay as go basis or in blocks to display your commitment to the programme and yourself as well as save money.

  • For an individual requiring a complete lifestyle change the initial programme will usually take three months or 12-15 consultations then thereafter maintenance sessions dependant on your confidence and progress with my life changing programme.
  • For a person already at peak performance and wishing to improve, 3 consultations may be optimal.
  • Others may need advice on a specific issue which may be covered in just 1 consultation.

It is really dependant an individual’s requirements which we will ascertain prior to the first consultation.

We provide a consent and information form and a wellbeing questionnaire for you to complete and return to us for examination prior to the first consultation. 

During the consultations we will examine your existing lifestyle or wellness challenges in order to identify the root cause of problems and current habits, both physical and mindset.

Then together we will form a vision of change with written goals, a plan of action, personal strategy and any information surrounding this to take you forward towards the new improved lifestyle for you, with refinements and alinements along the way.