Cats Claw Vine

Cats Claw Vine

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What is cat's claw tea?

Cat's claw is a woody vine that grows wild in the Amazon rainforest and other tropical areas of Central and South America. Its thorns resemble a cat's claws and the bark and root of cat's claw is used to make liquid extracts, capsules, tablets, and tea. The bark and root have been used for centuries in South America as a traditional medicine for many conditions such as inflammation, cancer, and infections.

Main benefits of Cats Claw:

  • Anti-inflammatory

A powerful anti-inflammatory, Cats Claw is believed to fight the inflammation associated with a number of gastrointestinal problems. It is also used to treat a wide range of other digestive disorders including; IBS, IBD, colitis, gastritis and peptic ulcers.

  • Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Research suggests that cat’s claw extract may aid your immune system and reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

 Other Benefits:

  • Support Immunity
  • Anti -fungal properties
  • Anti-Parasitic Properties
  • Anti-viral Properties
  • Kidney Cleanser
  • Support healthy Urinary tract
  • Strengthens Respiratory System
  • Flights Infections
  • Promotes healthy cell division

 How to Take:

1 or 2 tea spoons of bark to tea strainer in cup

Add boiling water

Allow to infuse for a few minutes

Add a dash of lemon if required for taste

Sweeten if required


Avoid if pregnant or nursing