Chamomile Flowers - Organic 100g
Chamomile Flowers - Organic 100g

Chamomile Flowers - Organic 100g

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Chamomile infusion has long been used as a medicinal infusion for centuries as support of a wide range of health issues. Most people know Chamomile for its relaxation and sleep inducing properties however the potential benefits of chamomile go much further:

Possible Benefits:

✔ Reduce menstrual pain

✔ Support diabetes by lowering blood sugar

✔ Known to slow or even prevent osteoporosis

✔ Reduce Inflammation

✔ Can support in cancer treatment and taken to help prevent

✔ Helps with sleep, insomnia and relaxation

✔ It is known for its anti anxiety properties

✔ Supports common cold symptoms

How to use:

Infuse in boiling water for five minutes and drink.

Great with a little agave syrup to sweeten.