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Cordyceps Raw Powder

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Cordyceps has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to protect the liver, improve kidney function, alleviate symptoms of respiratory illness and to enhance libido. It was also recommended as a tonic for “all illness”, with the ability to improve energy, endurance, stamina, appetite and disrupted sleep patterns.


Cordyceps Benefits:

✔ Immune Booster
✔ Respiratory System
✔ Enhances Athletic Performance
✔ Promotes Longevity
✔ Liver & Kidney Health
✔ Sexual Health

How to Take:

A typical dose of Cordyceps is 1 to 3 grams up to 3 times a day.

Country Of Origin: Cordyceps are native to the Tibetan Plateau, and the Himalayas (India, Nepal, Bhutan).