4th February is World Cancer Day

4th February is World Cancer Day

Did you know:  1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. Females have the highest lifetime risk of breast, lung and bowel cancers. Males have the highest lifetime risk of prostate, lung and bowel cancers.  

Cancer Research UK = 22 Oct 2019

Pretty scary statistics?

It’s a fact that good food and eating healthy not only nourishes the body and lifts the spirits, strong evidence suggest that our choice of diet, physical activity, the environment and stress levels are not only detrimental to our health, they are also strongly linked to the cause of cancer.

I believe that nobody wants cancer and where food and drink is concerned many of us try our best to eat well and healthy.  However, I believe there is much confusion around what is good and bad nutrition, what is healthy and what is not, inadequate and misinformation from manufacturers and suppliers surrounding food, drinks and their nutritional ingredients don’t help either.  Perhaps some of us have picked up poor eating habits from family members and peers and, of course today’s world is also fast paced leaving us with little time for the preparation of wholesome healthy foods so many of us opt for food on the go from one of the hundreds of food outlets on the high street and retail parks or pre-packaged from supermarkets instead.

In addition, the environment is essential to our health, the air we breath is vital for our body functions to keep us alive and the clean earth that provides us with the  fresh foods we eat and the rain water for what we drink, all necessary for good health and wellbeing. However with more vehicles on the roads than ever before, many different chemicals used to manufacture goods and the use of pesticides on crops to deter insects on food produce, GMOs and not to mention the cleaning products we use around the house,  office and on our bodies to keep it us clean,  What impact may these be having on our health and wellbeing?

Then the demands of modern living to ensure our bills,  mortgage or rent is paid, to buy food and enjoy material things put ever more time pressure on us to perform in the workplace leaving little or no time for physical activity and in turn increases our stresses levels seems to be increasing placing pressure on our relationships.

There are quite a few different views on what causes cancer and what is mentioned above is by no means exhaustive, it may still be whelming with the confusion surrounding what to do, what to eat and drink and what not to do in order try to reduce cancer risks personally or for loved ones. 

There are lots of steps you can take to make a cancer diagnosis less likely in the future. Cancer is a complex disease – no single factor is likely to be the cause, nor can a single piece of research can give us all the answers. It is clear however from many studies that there are simple things you can do starting right now to reduce your risk to cancer or other disease

Here are a few tips:

  1. Good healthy diet is central to preventing cancer
  2. Be as lean as possible without being under weight or overweight
  3. Undertake at least 30 minutes physical exercise each.
  4. Limit alcoholic drinks.
  5. Stop smoking
  6. Be cautious around cleaning products for the home and body
  7. Get help from a professional on diet, lifestyle and activity levels

If you are concerned about cancer and/or you’re your lifestyle in general and would like to have a strictly confidential conversation, contact me to make an initial no cost appointment. 

At Good living Nutrition and Wellbeing, we have a unique formula that’s is designed to take those who want to improve their lifestyle, health and wellbeing on a journey of positive change.

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