What Can Our Teas & Infusions Do For You?

In a world where our lives are so fast paced and accelerating every day, finding moments of calm and wellness are becoming increasingly vital. Fortunately, nature offers us a treasure trove of botanical remedies that have been cherished for centuries. From the forests of the Amazon to the mountains of Asia, traditional herbal infusions have long been celebrated for their holistic health benefits. We wanted to take the opportunity to dedicate our latest blog to outlining some of our favourite teas and infusions to show you just how vast their range of benefits truly can be – and they’re all available on our online store!

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Wild Lettuce Infusion

First we have Wild Lettuce Infusion, often known as “Natures Calming Brew” and is historically revered for its medicinal properties and offers a gentle reprieve from the chaos of daily life. Wild lettuce is renowned for its possible mild sedative properties, known to induce relaxation and encourage peaceful sleep. Additionally, it has a history of traditional use for pain relief, particularly for headaches and muscle aches, believed to be due to its analgesic properties. Although scientific evidence is limited, wild lettuce has been utilized to alleviate respiratory problems such as coughs and asthma. Shop here.


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Next is Jiaogulan, also known as “Gynostemma pentaphyllum”, a vine native to Asia that has been dubbed "Southern Ginseng" or "Miracle Grass". This herb has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Gynostemma can be known for its adaptogenic properties, helping the body handle stress and promoting balance. Rich in gypenosides, it can offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Studies suggest it can support heart health, immunity, and metabolism. In traditional Chinese medicine, it's valued for enhancing vitality and longevity. Shop here.


Cats Claw Vine

With its bark and roots known for boasting a myriad of health benefits, Cats Claw Vine has been used for centuries by indigenous people. It is highly esteemed for its possible potent anti-inflammatory properties, providing relief for gastrointestinal problems and contributing to improved digestive health. Research indicates that it can offer significant immune support, studies suggesting it possesses anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral properties, fortifying the body's natural defences. Moreover, Cat's Claw is known to offer a range of additional benefits, including promoting kidney health and enhancing respiratory function. Shop here.


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   Green Tea Sencha

You may already be familiar with green tea, which originated from China but is now consumed worldwide and is renowned for its numerous health benefits. While green tea is produced in various regions around the world, Sencha is a specific type of green tea that originated in Japan and is primarily associated with Japanese tea culture. This tea variety is rich in antioxidants, particularly catechins, which contribute to its potential health benefits, including supporting heart health, aiding in weight management, and boosting the immune system. It can also be known for promoting dental and skin health. The resulting brew boasts a subtle sweetness with a hint of grassiness, making it a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts. Shop here.

Passionflower Tea

Known as natures stress reliever, Passionflower Tea can be revered for its calming properties, and is a beloved remedy for modern-day woes. Passionflower is celebrated for its possible ability to alleviate anxiety, induce restful sleep, and even reduce blood pressure levels. It can also be known for providing relief from menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and insomnia. Additionally, passionflower's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties contribute to overall health and wellness, offering a holistic approach to promoting well-being. Shop here.


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Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile flower tea is a soothing herbal infusion made from the dried flowers of the chamomile plant. Our Chamomile flower tea offers a range of benefits, including relaxation, improved sleep, digestive support, anti-inflammatory properties, immune support, skin health benefits, and menstrual relief. Its calming effects help reduce stress and anxiety, while its antioxidants boost immunity and promote skin health. Sipping on chamomile tea before bed can enhance sleep quality, ease digestive discomfort, and provide relief from menstrual cramps. It is also caffeine-free and can be enjoyed hot or cold, often with a touch of honey or lemon added for flavour. Shop here.


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Nettle Leaf Infusion
Despite it's reputation for stinging, Nettle Leaf offers a bounty of nutrients and wellness benefits. It stands out for its abundance of antioxidants, which can play a crucial role in bolstering immune function and shielding the body against various diseases. Moreover, studies show it offers significant support for prostate health and blood sugar regulation, assisting in reducing prostate size, lowering blood pressure, and maintaining stable glucose levels. Additionally, nettle leaf serves as a potent detoxifying agent, supporting optimal liver function and promoting the health of the urinary tract. With its multifaceted benefits, nettle leaf emerges as a valuable component of a holistic approach to maintaining overall health and well-being. Shop here.



Red Bush (Rooibos)

Last but not least, Red Bush, also known as Rooibos, is a vibrant herbal infusion bursting with flavour and nutrients, and its richness in vitamins and minerals makes it a beloved beverage for health enthusiasts. Red Bush emerges as a nutrient powerhouse, brimming with vital vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper, calcium, and potassium, which play crucial roles in fortifying teeth, bones, and skin. Additionally, being naturally caffeine-free, Red Bush provides a calming and soothing alternative to traditional teas, making it an optimal selection for any moment throughout the day. Its enchanting blend of tangy and sweet flavours delights the palate with each sip, offering a rejuvenating and invigorating sensory experience that leaves one feeling refreshed and revitalized. Shop here.

What Next?

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In the spirit of our new blog release, we now have a 3 for 2 offer on all of our teas & infusions. Just add 3 teas of your choice to your cart and the third will be free! Incorporating these herbs, teas, and infusions (even just one of which) into your daily routine can help you begin your journey to holistic wellness. Whether you seek vitality, tranquillity, or simply a moment of respite, these botanical wonders stand ready to enrich your life with their myriad of benefits. To unlock the full potential of our teas and infusions, simply infuse a teaspoon of leaves in boiling water (we recommend using a strainer) and savour the richness of their benefits. You may enjoy these alone, however we recommend blending with complementary herbs such as peppermint, spearmint, or even honey, to sweeten the taste.


Disclaimer: we love our teas:

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