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What does it mean to eat healthy?

There is so much confusion, mainly generated by the media and food manufacturing industry surrounding the healthy diet.  One thing for sure is that healthy eating is different from dieting which many people get confused with.  Healthy eating focuses on health, wellbeing, vitality, and energy in which weight loss if you are overweight, would be a natural side effect. Eating healthy is about:

  • Having a healthy conscious attitude towards food, drink, and your lifestyle in general
  • Eating and drinking a healthy balanced diet
  • Being conscious about the environmental impact of your diet

Changing an existing mindset, habits and eating regime to a more positive lifestyle can be overwhelming.   This is the reason many people yo yo diet and try different weight loss programmes and supplements, there are many on the market and studies have shown that in general they do not work long term.  An excellent way to get a lifestyle change underway for the long haul rather than short term bursts is to consult a professional nutritionist to help ensure you get the correct information to take reasoned decisions and provide a clear positive plan with you for the lifestyle change you desire.

What does a Nutritionist do?

A qualified nutritionist is an expert in the field of nutrition, food, and wellbeing through diet.  A nutritionist will work with you so you can understand your existing lifestyle, the desired changes, and a plan to work towards health-related lifestyle goals.  The nutritionist should provide you with the necessary education for you to make reasoned decisions for yourself which in turn could impact on your family too.

A nutritionist usually will:

  • explain and educate the client on nutrition
  • Assess the client’s health needs and diet requirements
  • Identify key area requirement a need for adjustment
  • Develop a plan and goal setting with the client to specific requirements
  • Help evaluate the effects of existing and changed lifestyle and refine where necessary.
  • Promote better lifestyle and nutrition through talks and education about diet, nutrition, lifestyle and the relationship between food, drink, and illness
  • Have up to date knowledge on nutritional science research

How could you benefit from getting a nutritionist’s assistance?

A nutritionist assists people to make informed choices about what they eat and what and how they can change. From weight management, to gut health, to specific disease, a qualified nutritionist professional can give you the confidence about your dietary decisions and lifestyle changes.

Do nutritionists work with clients online or in person?

Many nutritionist professionals can offer support either by telephone, online via Zoom or Skype or similar platform or in person at the client’s home or nutritionists office.

Can I trust a nutritionist?

It is important to ensure that the nutritionist is trained, qualified and has the experience to assist the client.  This can be identified by the nutritionist’s qualification and membership to appropriate professional bodies such as “The Federation of Therapists, Nutritionists and Practitioners” or Complementary Medical Association” or similar.

Good Living Nutrition & Anthony Jackson

The co-founder of Good Living Nutrition, Anthony Jackson completely understands the dilemma people face with the challenge of today’s modern living.  Anthony is a fully qualified nutritionist with over 4 years’ experience in the professional nutrition field and also a fully verified and accredited member of the Federation of Therapists, Nutritionists and Practitioners, the Complementary Medical Association and the Nutritionist Resource.  He was in exactly the situation many people are faced with today. 

Overweight, he was experiencing health, sleep, and anxiety issues, feeling low and self-conscious about himself.  Over 8 years ago Anthony made a decision to do something about it and t’s been an exciting journey that has led to him losing over 50 pound in body fat weight, gaining lean muscle weight, eradicating health issues  becoming a qualified alkaline and living food nutritionist, researching foods and nutritional support supplements from around the world and so the birth of Good Living Nutrition evolved to help others  make the change they desire.

Take a moment to consider the following statements:

  • Do you go from one weight loss diet to another only to end up back where you started?
  • Are you struggling with fatigue and other health related issues?
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting nutrition and weight loss information you hear?
  • Do you feel stuck, discouraged, and hopeless?
  • Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, perhaps with your weight and health in general?

If you can see yourself in one or more of the above statements, you genuinely have a desire for change and you would like some help, then contact Anthony to make arrangements for an initial, no cost, strictly private and non-judgemental consultation over the telephone.

Contact Anthony by:

Mobile: 07930428438


Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @goodlivingnut

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