The Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle – The Positive Effects on the Body

Its not easy to understand how or why the positive impact of a healthy lifestyle can have on us because we become habitually accustomed to the what we know and how we have been living however long that may be it does not matter. Usually our lifestyles are a result of learned behaviour taught to us from parents, school, family and friends etc.  Its only when life becomes a challenge to us either through weight gain, weight loss or through ill health caused by lifestyle that we realise we have a problem and need to change.

Change is not something that is easy, it takes time, effort and education, our habits are so ingrained within us that we find it really difficult to make the initial steps, or we start only fall back into out comfort zone where we know what we know.  A good way to start and make solid step is to get help from a qualified nutritionist who will help identify the weaknesses, the challenge and help formulate real goals for long lasting lifestyle change.

Diet, what we eat, and drink daily overtime plays such a crucial role in our makeup, what we look like and how we feel.  Switching to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle (WFPBL) away from the lifestyle we have become accustom to is not easy but the benefits are huge if you are willing to put in the effort and persistence for real change. So, what benefits would you expect to see from making the switch, below are just a few

One Week after the switch to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle (WFPBL)

Increased Energy levels 

Within a week of switching to the WFPBL you should notice an increase in energy levels which will enable to be more productive, sharper mental clarity, focus and drive.  Foods that have high sugar, salt and oil content, processed, denser or starchy bring on sluggishness, bloated feelings and sleepiness. Healthier food and drink choices will promote wellbeing.

Improved Sleep

You will notice improved sleep.  A poor diet upsets the digestion process and disrupts sleep patterns.  The WFPBL promotes better sleep cycle due better nutrients in the body that aid sleep

A Calmer Tummy Less Bloating

As a result of Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle (WFPBL) your body very quickly gets used to healthier food choices, in fact it starts to let go, it will start to shred the excess water retained due to over consumption of acidic high sodium content foods.   Your tummy will start to feel flatter and clothes looser.

Improved Positive Mood

Studies show that the improved nutrients associated with the WFPBL promote a more positive mood. People who switch and maintain the WFPBL feel more empowered, energised throughout the day with less negative thoughts which weaken the mood and the body

One Month after the switch to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle (WFPBL)

Improvement to Skin Tone

Good nutrition is vital for healthy skin and the WFPBL will assist the bodies biggest organ to repair, grow and glow. The natural nutrients with the WFPBL will assist in speeding up exfoliation, protect the skin from UV damage and you will look younger and more radiant.

Faster metabolism 

The WFPBL promotes a faster metabolism because you will feel fuller for longer, better digestion and increased fibre and water content of foods means your body will burn calories and detox at a much higher rate.  As the body’s metabolism increases pace so does weight loss as your body adjusts to its natural weight ideal for you

Faster Recovery 

During manual work whatever that may be, either cleaning the home or paid work for a job or if we exercise (which we recommend as part of WFPBL) we wear down the body, wear and tear muscles or ligaments.  The most effect way to accelerate recovery and reduce muscle soreness is to eat nutrient, mineral and vitamin rich foods and the WFPBL ticks all the boxes for this, eat and drink healthy and recover faster.

Healthier Habitual Eating Habits

Did you know it takes 21 days to create a new habit or illuminate and old habit, in addition eating healthy through the WFPBL takes less effort.  You will find that the making the switch to the WFPBL you will naturally start to make healthier choices, you will become more conscious about what you eat, your body will stop craving poor foods and drink and you will feel wholesome, healthy and beautiful.

Getting help with switch to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle (WFPBL)

These are just a few of the many benefits.  If you are stuck in a lifestyle that you believe is not good for you, or maybe you are overweight or suffering from an ongoing illness caused through lifestyle choices and maybe you are struggling to change.  Perhaps you keep starting yet are unable to maintain long terms results. It is a fact that many of the diets out there simply do not work long term and the only solution with a complete lifestyle change which as I said above is not easy, that is where getting help from someone like me a fully qualified and fully accredited and insured Nutritionist can assist you.  Its an investment into yourself.

I understand the dilemmas faced with change because I have experience being overweight, low self esteem and experiencing health issues.  That was a long time ago today, mine and Good Living Nutrition’s mission is help and educate those who want real long-term lifestyle change.

We at Good Living Nutrition have created the unique ASPIRE Programme which is designed to assist people who want real long-term change to change.  The programme is designed so we can Ascertain or Analyse the pain, Specify the problem, Prescribe the solution, keep Investigating and Refining and Extend the Solution to Lifestyle for real long-term change (ASPIRE).  It is a great programme to suite anybody.

If you would like to find out more, you can contact me privately and totally confidentially for an initial no cost consultation. Why not check out our website at for details or email me direct at

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